How Greasing the Groove inhances Pilates

1 Oct 2014 16:55

Greasing The Groove And Pilates To Enhance Performance And Strength In his book, “The Naked Warrior”, the Russian author Pavel Tsatsouline describes the concept that he has describes  as “grease the groove” .  As a strength expert  on flexibility, strength and fitness, he has developed an unconventional technique called Greasing the Groove, also known as synaptic facilitation. […]

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Pilates Workout

1 Oct 2014 16:14

Pilates workout – What is it and why is it good for you? Pilates – exercises are for anyone. The workout is ageless, colorless, and genderless and is fantastic for all physiques and fitness levels. Originally developed in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates as training for strength and a type of physical rehabilitation. You’re sure to experience the burn […]

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Personal Training with Pilates

25 Sep 2014 21:31

Personal Training with Pilates – effective and trusted 90 year history. Personal training seems to be a very underutilized.  Many people will simply pay for a gym membership and if they do actually go will hop on the running machines and do a little circuit on the weights.  What they don’t know is that even […]

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